Saturday, September 1, 2007

A weekend in pictures

Cauliflower for dinner.

My mother in law's napkins, beautifully colored Unikko from Marimekko.

Me and my mother in law went through her yarn stash and this I could take home to make heart warmers out of. Wonderful wool yarn!

Dark late summer sky in the center of Kronoby.

French fries and sausage at the local grill in Kronoby.

On Sunday August 26th we held a concert in Kronoby church. A very peaceful and nice concert.

Mesmerizing colors outside the church.

Brittas Garn Kvarn (= Britta's Yarn Mill) in Kållby. Don't really know what's inside the house, cause it was closed when we were there.
Into problems again:)



ingridviola said...

Finfina höstbilder!

Linneflicka said...

Kika in på adressen till det "kreativa projektet" jag berättade om