Friday, September 21, 2007

Fascination of the day: FLOCKS

This absolutely blew my mind!! This is the actual size of the rug. Below you can see the rug being knit! I suppose you need loads of patience to be able to finish:)!

About FLOCKS (text taken from their website):
FLOCKS is the brainchild of Christien Meindertsma (1980), she lives and works in Rotterdam. Together with a knitter, a graphic designer, spinners, farmers and felters from all over the world she makes the products for FLOCKS, a knitwearbrand in the broadest sence of the word.

Found the story at craftzine's blog and on FLOCKS website you can find more goodies!



ingridviola said...

satt just o sticka då ja såg bilden. plötsligt kändes det så smått :) jättehäftit

ali said...

that's awesome! I want one

malin said...

OJ! Imponerande! Jag trodde det var ett fotomontage då jag såg det.

Emma said...

häftigt! en sån skulle man gärna ha som sängtäcke. coolt. men du, kan inte du blogga en bild på din nya frisyr? nyfiken... KRAM emma k