Sunday, September 23, 2007

Autumn colors and more

The crow and the cat. The cat did not mind the crow at all cause it was playing with a mouse.

We've had a good weekend. The Jaco Pastorius Tribute Concert was a great success and I succeeded in singing all the Joni Mitchell lyrics right:) I was very nervous about that. Check out the lyrics for Coyote and Black Crow (Black Crow not as memory wrecking as Coyote...). Grand music that I got to play with grand musicians yesterday!

And here is a picture for Emma:
my new hair cut.

Do not mind the white things in my hair, they are pieces of wood. We got fire wood from my parents and I spent a few hours throwing the wood off the wagon into the shed. Now we will be warm this winter:)!

All the best to you all and have a good week!


Emma said...

oooh! tjusigt!

Tegsta G�rd said...

What a nice mix of fruits! Looks yummy:)

Henna said...

Underbara färger!