Friday, August 10, 2007

New T-shirt 2

Yesterday Vasa saw the "the Night of Arts". Me and P were on our way, but half an hour before we were supposed to leave home I came to the insight that I wanted to wear my byx-ärm, but I did not have anything to wear under it, and since it does not cover much of the torso I had to make something (or at least I thoght I had to make something, all this to my dear husbands dispair).
I had a vision of what I wanted, a simple tank with something green on it. So I cut up a plain black, big t-shirt, sewed a neon green elastic band to under the chest...
... see the nice neon green elastic:) Then I took a plastic lace thingy I got second handing in Mariehamn and spraypainted the front. Of course I was too hasty and did not think thorougly of what I was doing, so Iit got spoiled. But it is OK. The white parts on the front is paper from the news paper it lay on to dry:)So, this is actually the pattern I wanted on the front, inversed. I pressed the template to the back of the top while it still was wet from me ruining the front.

I stuck the shirt to the car window, so as we drove to town it would dry. I itched a bit from the paint as it was so fresh, but I got nice comments on my creations, so all's well that ends well!


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jeanetta said...

the things we do for fashion. lol
my hubby would have flipped if i had stopped to sew upa new get up but i admit i have wanted to do the same thing at times when i feel i have "nothing" to wear.
i love you re-fashioning ideas they are always very inspiring.