Friday, August 3, 2007

Velvet shrug

Hooray! I finally finished something I started:)
This one I call a byx-ärm (that is Swedish for trouser-arm, or something like that). It is a shrug made out of a pair of velvet trousers and the lining from an old curtain. Very simple and very neat. Saw the idea in a book in a book store. I did not buy the book but I stole the idea!

Here are some pictures (don't mind that I look like and Christmas elf with the colors and all...)

How-to's coming up!


teresa said...

wow that is pretty. i'll be waiting for the tutorial.. i love ponchos and shrugs!! hurry! and thank you very much for linking me. it is much much appreciated.

nikkishell said...

You my dear are just too cool for words!