Monday, August 20, 2007

Neon 80's

Sy själv (= sew yourself) is a book I found at a second hand bookshop here in Vaasa. Many fabulous 80's pattern! And the colors of some of them...

... like this one. Look at the marvellous shoes!!! And the pink biker jacket!

This picture is from a knitting pattern mag. The pattern is called Happy Woolen Cardigan.

Happy Monday!


Shay said...

I bought that pattern book here in the US when it first came out ;-) At the time I thought it had a definitely European/Scandinavian flair and bought it because the clothes did not look like what everyone in California was wearing (I lived in southern California from 1983-1988).

fia lotta jansson said...

Hi Shay!
That is grand:)! I did not look until now, when I read you comment, who had written the book, and it is by a Danish author. Did you sew anything from the book? I haven't gotten around yet, I do not really like following patterns or I am actually too lazy to follow patterns, but I might make something, 'cause the clothes are so nice and so 80's;) Thanks for stopping by! All the best to you!