Friday, June 1, 2007

Creating problems...

This is one of my great hobbies I get paid for doing; creating problems for children to solve. The problems are for a Sunday school paper. I've been drawing these kinds of for some years now so I have over hundred pages of spot the difference, find the right way, cross words, paint by numbers, quizes, and so on, and I'm dreaming of using them further, maybe making a book? I'll keep on dreaming for a while and maybe I will realize my dream:)

All the best to you for the weekend!


Anonymous said...

That would make a great book--fun drawings!

malinjohannaklingenberg said...

Å, fint! Vad spännande med en pysselbok, det kunde du väl ansöka om kulturfondenpengar för att få göra?

Georgia said...

Oh! I'm impressed! I would love a job like that! I used to draw "spotto"/picture bingo games just for my brother, sister and I when we went on car trips as kids. Best wishes for the book idea! It would be great.