Monday, June 4, 2007

Another dress and other dabblings

I made a second refashioned dress today! Hooray! Finally I woke up from my dreaming of making clothes and actually made clothes! Of course I would like to show it to you, but as I am trying to load the pictures from my camera in to the PC I realize my computer is fuzzing with me again and refuses to load... Grrrr! This is the way I am feeling right now:

The picture is a T-shirt print, the shirt is sold on threadless.com. Visit the page and be amazed, they have loads and loads of wonderful prints by as many designers. There is a sale going on right now, djippedy dii, djippedi doo!

I went thrifting today, but can not show you those treasures either...

I ate my first cone of ice cream for the summer, very late I know, but better late then even later, as my teacher said.

Speaking of teachers, on Saturday me and Robban and Petter did a wedding gig and the groom's father's lady friend was my old class room teacher from 5th and 6th grade (Finish school measurements). It was nice meeting her, I hadn't seen her in almost 15 years. She told me she had seen me on television recently, so she recognized me immediately.

Speaking of being recognized, my sister told me her neighbour is playing in a known band here in Vasa. My sister met his mother not so long ago and when she found out that I am my sister's sister (can somebody tutor me in explaining things easier???:) she got all excited; "Oh, you are Sofie's sister, oh, we do know who Sofie Björkgren-Näse is!". Everybody knows the monkey!

So much for my today. Tomorrow we are going into the studio to record three songs studio live for my solo record. Lovely! I'll leave you with a picture of my friend and producer's cat standing majestically on my guitar case. She is called Hund (= Dog).


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