Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My re-fashioned sweaters á la Do Redo style

I promised to show you some of my Do Redo projects (the ones where I "destroy" a 100% wool sweater by washing it in too hot water and then cut it up and make new things out of it:). I have made two new sweaters out of two old ones and here they are:
This one I have worn a lot. The lining is made out of a thrifted table cloth.

I have been wearing the second one as a "nicer-occasion-outfit", but I haven't worn it in years. It's made out of an sweater with the inside out. I've crocheted the lining and the flowers as a nice detail, kind of like a broche.

Recycle and refashion. I like it!


Ika said...

Åh, jag blir så inspirerad! Måste ta en loppisrunda snart och hålla utkik efter ylletröjor med potential...

agata said...

Kul idé! Ska genast kolla igenom sambons garderob (häpp!) för kläder att slakta.
Jag återkommer!