Tuesday, March 6, 2007

vintage ceramics and a bit of history as well

Since my camera's still not working I will take help of others fabulous photos.
I got myself an update on the history of ceramic design and a very good one as well. Go to Irene Hoofs blog to find out all the lovely facts and look at the wonderful pictures.

She wrote a lot about Finnish design. I had to put in a picture of Antti Nurmesniemis coffee pots. I've got the one on the far right! Made a lot of tea in that one when I was studying, had to bring it out again. I have got two shelves, that cover half of the longer kitchen wall, and there I put vintage thrifts, so the pot will fit perfectly!

Today is my home day. I'll be doing some hoovering maybe, and some mailing of Koju records, some crafts (cause today is our "syjunta"-night) and some washing of clothes. I love my days at home:)!

I wish you a good day too!

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