Thursday, February 12, 2015

diy fake origami wall art

Hello!  I have been wanting to do this craft project for so long and finally I got around to.

It is simple and fun:

Materials I used:
- printer
- black cardstock
- metal ruler
- utility knife
- a mat to cut on
- tape
- double sided tape

1. Print your origami figure. I chose a font from DaFont called Origami Bats, it is free to download for personal use! I enlarged the font in Illustrator and separated the parts so I could fit the size I wanted on an A4 paper, since I can only print that size at home.

2. I started with the bear. I taped the templates to black cardstock and cut the pieces out with the help of a metal ruler.

3. As I cut the pieces of my origami bear I numbered them, both on the pieces and on a copy of the bear in smaller size. That way I did not lose any parts and I would know how to assemble them later on.

4. I made a cardstock stick to be able to measure the space between the pieces. You can use black cardstock, but I chose to make one in another colour. And then I just used double sided tape to fasten the paper pieces to the wall.

And finito!

Try it! Happy crafting!

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