Monday, December 1, 2014

look! I'm on television!

Oh, what a fun day it was! I got to be a guest in Strömsö, a great life style program on Finnish Television. Until December 30th 2014 you can watch the show here!

(this is just a picture, not the video!)

I am so grateful that I get to do what I love! Thank you to the great television crew at Strömsö and a special thank you to Camilla, the hostess and my lettering buddy on tv!

Here are not so few pics from my day at the beautiful Strömsö house. I feel very much at home there. It is a tv studio and about ten years ago I was the singer in the band that played two songs in every episode of the program SALT. We filmed the first episodes at Strömsö and I loved the atmosphere of the big wood house.

Camilla made me look and feel very beautiful. A great way to start a morning!

Happy camera man.

The director.

The craft room.

Lee, the crafter.

Maria, the script supervisor.

Camilla in action during lunch break.

Camilla's beautiful Frida Kahlo art work.

The kitchen! No action there during my day, but I got to eat Paus Svensson's heavenly brie cheese cake with fruit and nut compote.

We laughed a lot!

Our letterings.

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