Wednesday, October 8, 2014

calligraphy for the Jakobsson family

This fall I got to design my biggest lettering to date. Two prints measuring 70 cm x 100 cm each of calligraphy letters and words. I really enjoyed this commission work. I got to deliever the prints in person and they hung them up right away. Both customer and designer were very happy with the result. It was a perfect match of style and meaning behind the design.

The calligraphy letter is the first letter in the word written inside the letter (click on the pic and zoom in all you can!). The words have special meaning to the members of the family.

I painted the letters with a foam brush and because the prints are so large scale you can see the details of the strokes really well and I think it is very beautiful.

Here are some pictures from the livingroom where the prints are residing (thank you Jakobsson family for the pictures!).

This was a great project! I hope I get to do more of this kind.

All the best!

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