Tuesday, July 15, 2014

loppisrace i purmo

This is how happy I was was selling my out all my vintage stuff at Loppisrace in Purmo in early July. More pictures can be found at Loppisrace.fi.

Aja Lund is the photographer of the photos in this post and also the coordinator for the whole Loppisrace (Flea Market Race). Aja is also running the fabulous Lundagård together with her husband and two companions. We are both night owls so when we meet we mostly chat the night away. She is an inspiring woman and entrepreneur.

Thank you for another great Loppisrace, I got really burnt from standing in the summer sun all day, but I had so much fun! And a big thank you to Elina who shared the space with me!

Aja is shooting us from the second floor. Some of my favourite persons are on this picture, my pregnant sister-in-law (yes, I am gonna be an aunt!!!), her sister and my brave and beautiful friend Lina. Me and Lina are cooking up something sweet. More to come!

 Some of my vintage fabrics that I said goodbye to.

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