Friday, April 4, 2014

life update


It's been a really long time since I greeted readers of this blog (are you still there?). Much has happened in the past months. Both happy things and really sad things. Life and death.

Two wonderful persons passed away only two weeks apart in early January, my father and my young godson. They are grieved by so many, families and friends, they were important in so many people's lives. All the bright and laughterfilled memories they gave me keep me warm, though sadness is a constant companion.

So much good has happened as well: a lot of lettering, print making, teaching of lettering workshops, family time, spending time with old friends, getting to know new friends, enjoying my dayjob, meaningsful conversations, and so on and so on!

Life takes its turns. I am hanging in there. How are you?

And now my life in pictures. 2014 so far:

I get to see my children grow and develop, exploring their creativity. I love that I get to be a part of their lives. I am a terrible and angry mother sometimes, quite often actually, but we are good togehter.

(Both kids write and read already. It is amazing! These are the scribbles of my daughter, she´s the younger one.)

Lina and me are planning goodness together. Graphic Design Lettering Combo!

The cat in my parent's home had a kitten. So adorable!

Boring and fantastic every day life: laundry time!

I was hooked on origami for a while there, and I will not let it go! Love it!

My father camping in the 70's. Miss him very much.

Trying to focus on these two: hope and gratitude...

...because life is not always easy.

Me and fellow vintage lovers Malin of Fiffi's Vintage and Carolina of Marshmallow Electra at Uppsala Vintage Festival last weekend.

And finally: the man of my life, in a band playing music that I love! The Heartbeat Band.

Thank you and good night!

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