Tuesday, February 25, 2014

upcycled doll quilt

We had a bag of grown out and worn out clothes. I wanted to make some rag rugs and the kids wanted to re-design. They cut off sleeves and cuffs, patterns and prints and made new use of the old.

I made something I had wanted to do for a loooooong time: a quilt. I am not patienced, nor am I skilled in the art of quilting, so a small doll quilt was enough to still my abstinence without me getting fed up and stop in the middle of the sewing.

I cut squares from kids's t-shirts, long sleeves, onzies and tights, neatly using all fabric from the small garments. After sewing the squares together I used the back of my husbands old jersey cardigan for the back of the quilt. I cut the back about 1 cm bigger on every side, folded the jersey fabric over to the front of the quilted piece, and just sew along the sides leaving a rough edge.

I calmed by anxious quilting nerves with this two hour project. And my daughter have great use for it when putting her doll to sleep in her bed or stroller.

Maybe you have got some old clothing you can upcycle to something useful?

All the best!

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