Tuesday, September 3, 2013

a new member of the family

Here I´m on my way, with my family, to check out a new member of the family: my parents-in-law's summer cottage. We have to take the boat to get to the small island where the cottage is. Me likes! It was a rainy, windy late afternoon that turned out a grandly beautiful sunny evening. I love to eexperience the changes of wheather.

It was my parents-in-law's first visit to the cottage, so nothing has been done to the place. But I like the way things are, maybe cause I can not really know what has happened in that place, but I can imagine and make up my own stories. Still I am eagerly looking forward to what the new owners will do to the cottage, I really like their style and way of thinking. Both when it comes to decorating and living life.

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