Friday, March 15, 2013

DIY spun necklace

Right before Christmas I made this easy and fun-to-make necklace and want to share the tutorial.

You will need:
- rag yarn
- embroidery thread
- chain

1. Start with the base. Take rag yarn and make a few loops. You will not wear this around your neck. This will become the "chest part" of the necklace.

2. Tie a ribbon in both "ends" of the loop. My loop measured aprox. 47 cm from one end to the other.

3. Choose the colours of embroidery thread.

The above picture is from Deko. magazine. They had an article with inspiring pictures called From Russia With Love. I loved the colours and got inspired to pick out the colours for the necklace in the same colour theme.

4. Cut as long a piece of embroidery thread as you wish. Tie the thread around one end of the rag yarn. Leave a short end of the thread. Start winding the long end of the thread around the rag yarn covering the short end of the embroidery thread.

5. Continue winding until you have only a short end of your first color. Cut a piece of your second colour and continue winding covering two short ends, one of the first colour and the other of your second colour. Continue until you've got the rag yarn covered.

 Here is a small video of the method I used for winding the emboidery thread.

6. Remove the ribbons from both ends of the necklace. Take your chain (or triple emboidery threads) and slip it into the end loops. Close the chain with the help of a small pliers. I made my chain long enough so I wouldn't have to open and close the necklace when wearing it.

Hope you find some inspiration to make your own fabric jewellery.
Happy weekend!

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Joanna i Pan Lew said...

I am wondering what kind of embroidery thread you used (how thick was it?).

Love this idea :)