Wednesday, March 13, 2013

DIY fabric necklace

I love rag yarn as craft material. An I am not the only one. I have seen many great DIY craft ideas around the blogosphere. It can be made into great things, mostly practical, everyday useable stuff like rugs, baskets, cushion covers and such.

I've been wearing rag yarn as jewellery for a long time. I love the simplicity and roughness of a rag yarn necklace. I have two kinds of necklaces that I've made. Hope I can bring you inspiration to develop your own style of fabric jewellery! 

Let's start with the most simple one, a necklace you can whip up in three minutes, should you lack accessories when going out. Here we go!

You will only need:
- rag yarn


1. Assemble as many loops you wish to wear around your neck. Measure the loops as long as you want them. The loops do not need to be even (look below for two different styles I'm wearing).


2. Cut the yarn leaving two ends, one a lot longer than the other (and what is pictured). You will wind the long end around the assembled loops, to tie them together. Then tie the the two ends together.

3. Make a bow, or a decorative loop, or just a knot. Keep the ends visible or tuck them into the winded part. And you are done!

 (this is me wearing my green and black rag necklaces)

Happy crafting!

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