Saturday, February 9, 2013

download a typographic calender for 2013

Many have been waiting and asking for it (and that makes med so happy, thank you!), and finally here it is! At least the first four months. I know you do not have use for January that much any more, but it is still in there! The rest of the year will be uploaded soon!

It is in Swedish only, but feel free to download, print at home and get free lessons in the language during the whole year! :)

So download and share: Kalender 2013

Do leave me a note if you download the calendar and take it on use! I'd love to hear!

All the best for the weekend!


Anonymous said...

Tack fina! Så snygg:) Etta

Anonymous said...

Jag printade mars (och tar de andra senare) för att ha på jobbet. Tack! Idag kommer jag förresten att blogga om vad som hänt med ett tyg som varit ditt. :)