Tuesday, December 4, 2012

XMAS DIY: rag hanger

Not all DIY's I present here are Christmas-y. But they can be made into x-mas gifts or just be crafts for surviving this time of year. And this is a parent's tool to surviving the clothing chaos that comes with winter time. It is my rescue when kids come home all wet and dirty from playing outdoors. I hang mittens, caps, scarves, socks and outdoor clothing on the rag hang. They can dry hanging, they are not on the floor (!) and you can just pull them of the peg next time you leave the house.

I had all these vintage wooden hangers at home and wanted to make something (else) useful of them. I had thrifted som jersey rag yarn and decided to try crafting an idea I got. It turned out to be one of the most useful crafts I've ever made! We've had it over a year, and it got to move to Stockholm with us. It is especially handy in a small apartment. You can use it for a more decorative purpose as well; for showing off jewellery and purses for instance. Or hide it in the wardrobe to hold up your stockings or t-shirts or your sassy lingerie. Maybe you've got another mission for this one? Please tell me if you do!

You will need:
- wooden hangers
- fabric rag yarn
- normal craft glue
- pegs

I used rag yarn made from jersey fabric. That kind of rag curls up and you get a tube like strip, as supposed to a flat, like you get with non-stretchy cotton fabric. I like the jersey rag more, because you dont get any ruff edges. Rag yarn can be bought in craft stores, thrift stores, or you can make it yourself from t-shirts or other stretchy materials. Of course you can use cotton fabrics, it is a matter of taste and what material you've got at hand!

1. I wanted my hanger to be upside down so I could take the metal hook in use in a new way. I tied one end of the rag yarn to one end of the hanger (see picture above). Leave a long strip of rag yarn to be able to make the suspension later on (is suspension the right word here?). Make sure the knot is on the side you want towards the roof, in this case on the bottom of the hanger!

2. Then start adding glue on the hanger, from where you fastened the knot and forward, about 5 cm. Wind the rag yarn around the hanger onto the glue. Stop!

3. Now you need to leave a loop, (see picture above) and this loop will become the strips onto which you attach the pegs. No need for knots at this point, just leave the yarn hanging and continue gluing and winding. I chose to make four loops. When you reach the end of the hanger tie the yarn end to the hanger (on the bottom side) and again leave a good long strip for the suspension.

4. Take your pegs (preferably bought at a thrift store, if you don't have any lying around at home). Cut the loops. Cut them unevenly if you wish (see picture below). Run the rag yarn throught the metal piece on the peg. Cut the ends of the yarn slimmer to make that task easier.

5. Tie a knot to the end of the yarn when you've run it through the peg. 

6. Tie the the long strips of rag yarn you've left at both ends of the hanger. Now the suspension is fixed and you need only a nail in the wall or a hook in the ceiling and you are done!

Hope you get some inspiration to getting crafty before Christmas.

All the best!


verkstaden verstas said...

Super super super fin och behändig! Måste genast göra en här hemma. Tack för inspirationen!

Sofie said...

vad fint att du gilla! och jag gillar dina projekt!
glad advent!

Anonymous said...
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