Sunday, December 16, 2012

X-MAS DIY: gift tags


 When we bought the house we used to live in, about six years ago, we built in a tile stove. From the cardstock that kept the tiles separated in the transportation, I made these gift tags. The fabric is second hand.

This is the material I used:
- recycled cardstock, any kind of thicker paper will do though
- fabrics, this is perfect for all your small leftover pieces of fabric
- zig zag scissors
- metal grommets
- sewing machine (the tags can also be made by using needle and thread)
- twine

1. Cut the cardstock into desired shape. Punch a hole in one end.

2. Cut small pieces of fabric to fit the cardstock tag. I used a zig zag scissors to make the edges look nice, but also to prevent them from fraying.

3. Sew the piece of fabric onto the cardstock tag. Make sure you use a separate needle when sewing paper. It will get dull, so you need to change the needle when going back to sewing only fabrics again! I used different colours of thread to match the fabric.

4. Hammer the grommet into place. Read the instructions on the grommet package to do right.

5. Thread twine into the grommet to finish off this project.


 Happy crafting!