Tuesday, December 18, 2012

X-MAS DIY: cushion covers

One of my home decor DIY's I am really pleased with. Very simple to make, great result!

I found the red-purple rya at Stadsmissionen in Gamla Stan. Love it! I've wanted to make cusion covers from steady wool material so the rya got to come home with me. The material for the blue cushion was thrifted at my local Myrorna.

I used:
- a thrifted rya
- one coloured cushion cover
- an embroidered strip of fabric
- wool yarn and a big needle

1. I started with the rya. Folded it, right sides facing. I did not want the fringe to be visible on the finished cusion cover, so I sewed a simple running stitch beneath the fringe, so that when I turned the project inside out the fringe stayed on the inside.

2. When the project is turned inside out ande you've got the right side facing you, you continue sewing the sides of the cushion cover. I used a blanket stitch (see video instructions here) for the sides. Start with one side. Then stuff your cover with a cushion before you stitch the other side together. And you are done!

For the second cushion cover I just sewed the embroidered fabric strips directly onto the second hand cushion cover with a running stitch. I folded the short side ends in before stitching so that they would not fringe. That is about as simple a refashion you can get!

Happy crafting!


Hannasvirrvarr said...

Ryan blev alldeles fantastisk som kudde!

Maria Miguel said...

This particular rya is a traditional weave from Portugal.