Monday, December 3, 2012

X-MAS DIY: advent candlestick

 You will need:
- one good-looking smaller log split in half
- a drill
- 4 metal cups for candles (can be bought in craft stores)
- 4 candle cuffs (can be found in craft stores or thrift stores)
- candles

When you choose a split log make sure it is at least 30 cm long. And it is important that it stands evenly when placed on a flat surface. If the piece of wood rocks the risk of the candles tipping over and setting fire to what is near is too big.

1. Start with drilling four holes in the log. Do not place the holes too close, if you do you might instead of four small flames get one big fire. Measure the diameter of the metal cups so you can choose the right size drill bit. A spade is a good choice for this kind of drilling. You do not need to pierce the log, just drill deep enough to fit the metal cup.

2. After the drilling take out the candle cuffs and place one over a hole. Then press a metal cup into the hole. That way you "lock" the cuff into its place.

3. Put some candles in the candlestick and your are done!

Me and the family spent the first Sunday of Advent in the pulkka slope in Vasaparken, here in Stockholm. Sun, minus degrees, happy children and coffee in a thermos added up to a really good day. Oh, and we also made Christmas porridge (rice pudding). It's catching on to me, only 22 more days until Christmas Eve. I like it.

Hope you all have a good start to your week!

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