Wednesday, November 14, 2012

today and five years back

I had took a tour in my own blog archives and I liked what I saw (yes, I actually did). So many pictures and so much I have done and made over the years I have been blogging. 

Let's have a look in the rearview mirror, shall we! Today and five years back in November.
(I'd love to see your post on looking back! Comment me if you publish, so I can visit your blog!)


Today I am at home applying for jobs and doing some lettering and designing (and blogging).

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I was getting into winter mood with warm material and cosy colours.


We had just bought a new camera and I was ecstatic of my new view of life. We were also going to Germany to buy a new car and drive it home. Exciting times!


We announced the name of our new baby girl.


The vinyls had arrived and it was time to release the debut album from Jack Dalton Orchestra.


 I was crafting like a maniac in those days and this was one creation. Made from second hand materials of course. It was a gift for a friend. She had had her first baby. As I am always making gifts last minute I did not have the time to photograph this beauty in a more fancy environment so I placed it on our toilet seat lid!

What did you do five years ago? And what did you do today?


mariastrat said...

http://stratventures.blogspot.com gjorde samma sak :)

Daniel said...

Hos oss står en likadan stol som finns på bilden från 2011, fast vår är grön.