Monday, August 27, 2012

me like the laundry room

I really like laundry rooms and being able to wash properly and care for clothes. In our current home building there is a great washing room.

This morning I am up before everybody else in our household. I am having a quiet time in the basement while the washing machines are taking a spin with our dirty laundry.

I get a lot of lettering done down here. Maybe I should do a series: The Laundry Letters!

A shout out to my cousin Sara and her creativeness. The black tote with words, different groceries written in Swedish, is made by her and her friend Sofia. The designer duo call themself Kaos. I really like what they make!

Here is a blog post by Sara about what they make: http://minpysselverkstad.blogspot.se/2010/07/lite-mera-kaos.html?m=1
Do visit Sara's inspiring and crafty blog: http://minpysselverkstad.blogspot.com!

(I am blogging from my phone, in the laundry room, so I am unfortunately not able to link properly. You'll have to go with the copy-paste technique.)

All the best to your Monday and the rest of week!


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