Saturday, August 11, 2012

dress me up in second hand

While cleaning out the wardrobe for the move I found a thrifted jacket, a parkas in light weight cotton, I had forgotten all about.

The peach coloured Converse are a gift from my friend J. They were used in the making of an episode of an appreciated food programme series in Finland. Apparently nobody had use of the shoes afterwards, and lucky me, they were in my size.

I really like the combination of mossy green and crispy peach! I was really happy to find a 80's dress at my local Myrorna (Swedish charity shop chain) with those two colours. I really love second hand!

All the best for the weekend!

Ps. The shoes look more orange than peach in the pictures. And it had been raining that day so that is why the. parkas looks so stained.

I also had to throw in a picture to show how well I match my new neighbourhood:)

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