Thursday, May 24, 2012


This is a passion. Doodling, lettering, typography: using words, paper and ink.

I was trusted with lettering a tattoo. I loved the process of designing the tattoo. I will show you more when the person that ordered the design is making it official.

Meanwhile here are some other doodlings. Need something lettered? In case you do send me an e-mail at fialottajansson[at]gmail.com.

(the letter M is a work in progress)


Paula said...

Va snyggt! Du är riktigt bra på det där!

Emma said...

Alltså wow, vilken konst!

Anonymous said...


teresina said...

really nice doodles! C:
now i want to try making my own :P

Malin Nyman said...

WOW! Soffa, allt detdär är superdupersnyggt! Nu blev jag verkligen imponerad... önskar att jag också kunde va lika kreativ som du är... Finfinfint! Kram på dej :)