Sunday, July 10, 2011

hot evenings in Purmo

Dear friends and owners of Lundagård; Aja and Kitti.

Here I am with my beauties. I really like selling live, meeting people, talking to people about great clothing. Thank you all that stopped by, roamed around in the wardrobe, bought an item or just appreciated colours and patterns and good quality goods. The weather was really hot, but we had such a good time!

My neighbour vendor Hanna day 1, with a top from the shop. It is absolutely gorgeous on her! It was really nice to get to know you!

Hanna day 2, with her thrifted umbrella.

Aja in beautiful second hand.

My second neighbour vendor, Johanna, made lovely braids in my hair.

Johanna had sweet things for sale. You might find Johanna, Hanna and Aja, if it is not raining, at the Monday market in Jakobstad tomorrow evening starting at 5 p.m.

We spent the nights, after the market race ended, talking and enjoying great company with old and newfound friends. Above is night number 3 and I am starting to get veeery tired, but I am very happy.

I've had the fortune of visiting family Lund in three of the homes they have renovated and lived in. They have worked wonders on each house. It is always a soulful experience to walk around in the rooms they've put their hands on.

Me and Aja are very much alike in several ways; she also remakes thrift finds for wearing at parties, the night before! She made a great combo out of this skirt from the shop, a top she slaughtered and refashioned, and shoes and a bag she thrifted the same day.

Thank you to both Mr. and Mrs. Lund for three great days of Loppisrace in Purmo.

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Ullakon Aarteet said...

Thank You for the beautiful skirt I bought ( and fitted behind your clothes rack...)!