Wednesday, May 25, 2011

today and four years back

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I have a free day off from work today. I am writing answers to an interview for a paper. Later I will lead a songwriter workshop with a music class here in Vasa. I am mentally preparing for cleaning the house after the workshop. And looking forward to a quiet evening at home with my family. Morning hair and crooked smile in picture above.


I had a lot going on and took a pause. Picture from here.


I found one of my favourite video clips reminding me of my childhood.


I was a new mother. Picture by sister Charlotte.


I had my year off from work to do and make music. My artist year. I am longing back.

What did you do four years ago?


jenni said...

Hej! Var det du som körde förbi och vinkade? Reagerade lite för sent... :)

plapi said...

Hmh.. För fyra år sen... jag tror att jag hade ansökt en tjänst i en plats där jag jobbar just nu.. ;-)