Tuesday, March 1, 2011

something else I won: stylish blogger award

I received this award from Saija, the keeper of the beautiful blog 3 Typer i 3 rum.

I need to reveal seven things/secrets about myself and then forward the award.

1. I am a singer, a composer and a choir leader and I do not read scores.

2. I studied to become a youth leader and I work part time in the Lutheran Church in Vaasa.

3. I am taking a step out of my comfort zone, from behind my acoustic guitar, and am now making electric pop music. I am learning how to play keyboards, it is a mystery to me how a piano works!

4. I have a great new camera and. I forget it to take it with me everytime I plan on bringing it when I leave home! (For instance: I have no photos of our family-Saturday outdoors by the frozen beach in the city, nor have I got photos from the great Saturday evening gig when many of my friends performed. I need to shape up!

5. I am dreaming of studying graphic design.

6. I love washing, drying (in machines, though) and folding clothes. I also like ironing.

7.  I gave birth to wee M without pain-relieving. 
(I was inspired to write my seventh revelation after reading Sus' list, 
though she is a bit tougher than me: she had both her children without pain-relieving!)

I am very thankful for receiving an award and I am forwarding it to all you inspiring people who have blogs! All of you who share everyday life, photos, fashion, crafts, family stories, thrift finds, eatables and all other kinds of beauty. I won't mention anyone in particular, if you feel you want to write seven revelations about yourself I welcome you to take on the challenge. If you don't I still think you are worth a Stylish Blogger Award!

All the best!



Ika said...

Jag har bilden från lördagens musikkväll (visst var den fantastisk!), men inga riktigt bra. Säg till om du vill ha några av dem... (Jag borde redigera och lägga upp på flickr eller min bilddagbok, så kan du se dem där framöver.)
Den där röda scenbelysningen gör mig vansinnig - så sjukt svårfotad.

Stitchybritt said...

Sofie - it must be your lucky week! I have just given you the Versatile Blogger Award! I blogged about it here http://stitchybritt.blogspot.com/2011/03/award.html. But you have already told us seven things about yourself, so you don't need to go it again (unless you want to!)