Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I feel honored

I received another award from talented Stitchybritt. On her blog she describes me as follows:
She rocks and she thrifts. Sofie is a superstar.
Thank you! I feel honored!

I will not give you any more revelations of me, but I will list seven of my favourite songs (in no particular order and with no explanation).

1. Rolling in the deep - Adele
2. Mian laulu - Egotrippi
3. Electrical Storm - U2
4. Grey - Ani DiFranco
5. I need some fine wine and you, you need to be nicer - Cardigans
6. Massacre (live) - Thin Lizzy
7. Woodstock - Joni Mitchell

oh, and this one as well:

8. Love doesn't love - Maria McKee (I can't find this one anywhere so you could listen, but it is definately worth searching for it cause it is soul shaking, at least it is for me!)

Tuesday hugs to you all and thank you for liking my Seond Hand shop!

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