Thursday, February 17, 2011

quick rock n' roll t-shirt remake

Take a t-shirt. Lay it flat. Cut a straight line from under one arm to the center of the t-shirt, right below the neck hole. Cut alongside the neck hole, inside of the seam, and cut off at the shoulder.

Turn the shirt inside out and try it on. Pin if it is too big on the side where the arm is cut off. I had to sew my shirt to make it fit, or else I would have caused a nip slip on stage. Cut off excess fabric, turn to right side and you are done!

I liked the label of my thrifted t-shirt.

Here is the result.

I wore the skirt I made last summer and my new shoes.

Here I am backstage at the Ritz (it says Jonas Gardell on the door) after the Jack Dalton Orchestra gig. A great evening! I had had fever for two days so I was very tired after the gig, tired but very happy. It is always a joy playing with the band and at Ritz.


Paula said...

Såna finn i Valintatalo i Viikki, Helsinki. Men det kanske inte hjälper dig...

Anonymous said...

Så snygg du är Soffa! Kom på kaffe nåndag i veckan om du hinner och kan. /EmmaK

emmi said...

Så underbart snygg man får vara då!

Sofie said...

Tack E och E! Lite lyxigt var det att vara rocksnygg!
Kaffe ska det bli snart!
Puss och kram.