Wednesday, January 12, 2011

me likes loose drawers as wall decoration

It has been a little vision of mine to put drawers on the wall as decoration. I havent found any good odd cabinet drawers or suitable boxes yet, so no progress on the project idea. But I enjoy looking at other's inspiring creations.

This beauty, a compilation of four separate drawers, is made by Mrs Kauffman who keeps the blog A nest for all seasons. (Via Design*Sponge; that's why the "after" is in the picture.)

(photos by Dottie Angel)

One of my favourite crafty bloggers, Tif of Dottie Angel, has designed this drawer interior.

How about you and drawers?

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amy said...

Sofie - thanks so much for posting my little project...I especially appreciate the link back!! :) I ADORE the other proejct as well...that little yellow yarn ball on the handle? brilliant!