Tuesday, November 9, 2010

BLOG CHALLENGE: show your unfinished knit projects

Will you show me your unfinished knit projects?
To take part in the challenge do as follows:
1. create a post on your blog showing (some or all of) your unfinished knit projects
2. link to my blog and
3. send me a comment.

I will then add your blog name to the post as you've taken on this challenge!
(I will borrow a picture from your blog. Please name your favourite picture if you want it shown!)

And the goal with this challenge?
To get you to dig out those unfinished projects. Hopefully we'll get inspired by other people's creative beginnings and push each other to finish our favourite unfinished projects. This challenge is not meant to make us feel down about not having had the strength or skills to finish a project. Let's help each other out, if you have stumbled upon a problem while knitting, speak out, there might be someone that can help you or give you links to solutions.

You can copy this logo if you wish and add to your blog:

And here you are:


Stitchybritt said...

Hi Sofie! You have my commitment! I am going to finish the knitted shrug that I started a year ago. You can see my pledge here... http://stitchybritt.blogspot.com/2010/11/signing-up.html


Christine said...

I'm up for the challenge! You prompted me to immediately post and let the scarf that's been nagging me finally become a WIP again. Here's the link to the blog post I listed about it:


Christine said...

Just wanted to let you know that I finished the scarf. Thanks for the extra push! I needed it! I created a final post about the scarf on my blog: