Tuesday, August 17, 2010

thrift finds of august

Clothing for the children:

Both rain coat and trousers for wee E.

Canvas shoes for wee M, much needed!

(the Tretorn rubber boots with Moomin is an earlier find)

a classic!

For myself a glass cover. Now I've got one bigger and this one, a smaller.

Clothing for me:
(my son desperately wanted the tractor to show in the picture:)

I had a very good day at the thrift store with both wee E and wee M. They do not seem to mind thrifting for a few hours with their mother. Lucky me!

Happy Tuesday to you all!


Stitchybritt said...

Fia, I can't believe you found all that great stuff! Next time I'm in Finland you must take me thrift shopping with you.

Sofie said...

stitchybritt, it would be an honour to go thrifting with you! call me anytime you are near!

mammagrön said...

Fina saker! Jag är också lyckligt lottad med en son som faktiskt gillar att gå på loppis. Bäst är det när han får gå med en liten egen shoppingvagn. Han har hängt med på våra loppisbesök sedan han i princip var nyfödd. :-)