Thursday, May 6, 2010

reality check

I do not think I fully understand how lucky I am to be able to be home with my two small children.

One of them is not so small anymore. He recently turned 2 and can say: "Emme sätta smörja på fingre så int blir pipi" (Elmer have to put lotion on finger so it won't become sore), or "vi ska si på kraktorer me mommo, hålla mommo handen o gå ut" (we will look at cractors with granny, hold granny's hand and go outdoors)!

The younger of the small ones has got her first fever. She sleeps a lot and has got red eyes. Her older brother also has got a fever. Oh, the wee ones! It is sjukstuga at Solbacke!

Now they are both sleeping, husband is at home and we'll have a good cup of coffee and some cookies!

What makes your day?

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