Friday, April 23, 2010

want to buy me a new camera?

Our camera is missing. Wee E has misplaced it/hidden it/thrown it in the garbage without knowing the consequence/flushed it/put it in a very easy to find place and we have not come to think of it yet. (I am keeping several options to what he might have done to the camera just to know how to handle the BIG problem!) The above photographed camera is my mother-in-laws. We have now borrowed it for about four weeks...

The funny part is I realized it was missing the day before I had to photograph the Easter Decoration Tutorial for the church magazine. I was panicking a bit until I late Wednesday evening phone my brother-in-law who could lend me his camera. I had to have the tutorial done by Thursday afternoon. Everything turned out fine, but I am still faced with the problem that our camera is missing.

Where do you look when you can't find things you have lost?

(I know it is wee E who has taken the camera, he likes it very much and knows he cannot play with it, so I suspect he eloped to a hide away to be able to play with it without me knowing. And it is my fault, I left it where he could easily take it after I had used it the last time.) It feels a bit dull to have a photo blog and no camera...

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Anonymous said...

äsch då! Men det känns ändå skönt att saker kan försvinna hos andra också. Jag håller nästan på att försvinna själv i vår röra, så småsaker som kameror och barn har ingen chans... :-)