Friday, April 30, 2010

taste memory

I have had a strong memory of a taste. I knew it was some kind of sugar, but not one of the kinds I can get here in Finland. I couldn't remember where I had tasted it and how to get a hold of the right kind of sugar.

When we were in Germany we went grocery shopping in Luxembourg one afternoon. Suddenly I see this package on the shelf and I emmediately knew that this was the sugar I had remembered. It is very fine and has toffee-like bits in it. It is fabulously tasty on panncakes!

I must have eaten panncakes with this sugar on when I was in Belgium over 10 years ago. Funny to have that strong memory of a taste. The memory had occured more frequently right before we went on our vacation and I found the sugar. Like divine intervention:)

Have you ever had a memory of this kind?

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