Saturday, April 17, 2010

family vacation in germany

Friday: Trier, the oldest town in Germany. Here is Porta Nigra.

We rented a car, a huge new Ford Mondeo Wagon. Parking was a bit scary.

Spring had arrived in the south east of Germany, where we spent our vacation.

We spent Saturday in Frankfurt and one of our stops was a big outdoor flea market.

We visited Loreley.

The famous German half-timbered houses. And a very content married couple on vacation.

An old fort was another stop. I really love these kind of old ruins. Wee E loved running in the courtyard.

And we ate croissants and sandwiches with Nutella for breakfast. We stayed at a lovely guesthouse and spent quality time with friends, family Hortian.

I really enjoyed travelling with the kids. And I like Germany.


Milla said...

Don't tell me you were in Trier. How funny is this. I live here and I'm reading your blog all the time! :)

Martin said...

I see before me Wee E with the camera, "shooting" the content couple...