Wednesday, February 3, 2010

spending creativity on cooking

Right now I do not have the time to craft so I am trying to use my creativity in a constructive way, so it will benefit the whole family. The best way is to spend it on making food! I have realized the beauty of cooking and how good it is to try new recipies and how economical it is to plan the menu for a week and only buy the groceries you need for the menu. I am rummaging food sites for simple everyday food recipies. And I have found many pearls already.

Wee E is eating well and my husband likes it a lot that I am developing my cooking skills (he makes very good food too!). And I am feeling good making healthy food from scratch, eating well everyday and learning how to consume different groceries.

The whole family loves lingonberries so I made kladdkaka cupcakes with lingonberries in them (and I snuck some white and milk chocolate chips into the dough as well:). I brought some to our craft club. How is it, by the way, that you eat heaps when a small group of good friends is gathered?!

Lingonberry was also an ingredients in "kålpudding till vardags" (= cabbage pudding), a huge hit according to me!

(I know it should handed to a trained professional to photograph food, cause it do not always look so sweet and tasty when being an amateur snapping the pictures, but here I go with my pictures of my cookings!)

Cauliflower soup with bacon from the team behind Spontana smaker. I will try their wintery meatballs as well!

And how about them carrots!

Today I bought fresh fennel (= fänkål) and will try to make something with it tomorrow, probably a big pot of fish soup.

Do you have any good recipies for me?

I wish you all the best for Thursday!


MalinJohanna said...


Jättegod, enkel bara man har framförhållning (2 h i ugnen) och räcker minst två dagar. För 4 personer står det, men så hungriga är inte vi.

Sofie said...

MalinJohanna, att det var så gott med kål hade jag inte väntat mig. nån gammal barnslig fördom har jag dragits med ända in till vuxen ålder. tack för recepttipset!
allt gott.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm... Va du ha fixa nu igen! :) Fina färger! Kommer från gym & nu lagar jag mat, en blandning av lax, ris, avokado, päron & paprika. Klockan 15 till jobb, blir bra! KRAM sis