Thursday, February 11, 2010

dressed for success

Last Saturday I was invited to sing at an event at Vaasa Church. I was my firts performance after wee M was born. I dove deep into my wardrobe but was not fully content with what I found. I had a dress, but needed something to wear on my shoulders. So while wee M was sleeping (5 h straight that day!!!) and wee E was spending time in the city with my parents I made a short sleeved shrug (short like a bust warmer) for me to wear in the evening.

I simply cut open a felted wool sweater, did some practical decorations in the back and voilà!


Nice vintage wood buttons.

This is the actual colour, the light distorted the colour in the pictures above.


I assembled a necklace of two pearl necklaces and a brooch.
It was a great event to have been invited to. Thank you!

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