Thursday, January 21, 2010

pretty nice biscuits

I love this idea! We have our syjunta (craft club) tonight and this might be a nice way to impress your fellow crafters.

All credits for the recipe and pictures to forty-sixth at grace. She has a photo tutorial and a illustrated recipe for downloading.


Fröken C said...

Nice pics and nice new layout! :) Tack för korten, uffa... Saknar er! Kram från Norji

Anonymous said...

Det blev ingen syjunta för oss ikväll...Har jobbat så myki att jag vill bara vara hemma!

T (+P+E)

ëcycle me said...

beautiful blog!
love the crafts and insights you offer incorporating other people's ideas to your own.
especially like the button biscuits and the bows made of recycled paper!
i hope to create things like these some day to sell at markets and promote recycling and reusing products in unique ways!