Tuesday, December 8, 2009

thrift finds of december

Paisley and velvet, very nice!

Some fabric. Good for making these round creased pillows pictured below. I think they are called mormorskudde in Swedish (that would be something like granny pillow in English). They are usually white, this is my pillow with a twist. The pillow is not stuffed here yet so it looks awfully flat. The pillow was a gift for my friend I on her birthday.

One thing I really have been looking for is this kind of glass cover and now finally! It is not vintage, but it is thick and heavy glass and I like it!

This was just a best of what I found. I had only half an hour before the thrift shop closed, but I manage to bring home some toys for E as well as one or two Christmas presents!

Have you had time thrifting lately? Any good finds?

All the best!

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Anonymous said...

O ja, vänta tills Cajsas Reimahalare från det bruna 70-talet når min blogg! Snyggaste ungen i stan. Dina fynd var inte illa de heller.