Wednesday, December 16, 2009

and in the middle of all mess I'm making toffee

Look what I made today, after making wee E his lunch and while he was eating. Before I started nursing wee M and while she was moaning. I recommend this toffee recipe to all parents (but I do NOT recommend you make it while doing a thousand other chores!). It feels like a fool proof recipe, I seem to have been successful in making the toffee, but I am know to fail even a fool proof task, so I will not state it to be fool proof!

I tasted the leftover dough in the bowl so I know it is a good toffee. Here is the recipe, unfortunately I do not remember from where I got it.

Micro Toffee aprox 30 toffees
1/2 dl of cream
1 dl of sugar
1 dl of white syrup
Mix everything in a microsafe, glass or porcelain bowl (note that the mixture boils and expands while doing it, so use a big bowl). Put in the micro and boil at 600-700 W for 7-8 minutes. When done spoon the toffee into smaller paper moulds.

Mikroknäck ca 30 st

1/2 dl vispgrädde
1 dl Dansukker Strösocker
1 dl Dansukker Ljus Sirap

Blanda vispgrädde, strösocker
och sirap i en mikrosäker glasskål och koka i 7-8 minuter på 600-700 w. Skeda upp i pappersformar.

Have a good afternoon!

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Mera mums till moster! ;)