Monday, September 14, 2009

many years ago...

... my young sister in law gave me a sketch of a cap and a bag she wanted me to crochet for her. This is maybe 7 years ago. I found the cap, the only of the two objects I finished, yesterday in my parents in law's house.

I was happily surprised how well made it was. I had almost forgotten about the project, hadn't it been for me finding the unfinished bag, a sweet girly purse with a shoulder strap. I have not cross stitched the butterflies on the bag otherwise it is almost done. Don't think she fancy the bag anymore, though, being a trendy teenager by now:)

We've been in Kronoby all weekend painting furniture, doors and windows with the help of our great parents. My father has made himself a wood workshop in the former cow barn and that is a very good place to work in!

How was your weekend?

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