Thursday, September 3, 2009

at last

I thrifted these fabrics (blue semi-corduroy, colorfull cotton fabrics, red and greenish waistband), last week. After I got home I realized how well the colors go together. I decided to make an "autumn collection" for E, he really needs new clothes. I wanted to make something from the Elsebeth Gynther book, and decided to make a test shirt first. And the result:

The model is surpeisingly good, not at all the straightjacket I had feared. It seems very comfortable! Even though it was only a test shirt I wanted to pimp it in case the result would become so good he could actually wear it in public. So I made the mushroom, because I like appliqué. The bias tape is also self made.

I wish you all a good Wednesday! I am now off grocery shopping with E!

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MissA said...

I have just stumbled upon your blog and I love it! I am a Finnish-American girl that also loves to craft. Keep up all the fun projects!