Wednesday, September 9, 2009

people that inspire me

Every once in a while bloggers make lists of their favourite blogs. Here is my list. I have a little theme: motherhood (but fear not all you not so in to motherhood, there is lots of inspiration in the blogs for you too!). Hope you find the lovliness and the inspiration in them as I have. (click on the images to go to the blogs)

(Lots of great interior design inspiration!)

Alexis over at My Mama Made It
(Check out the Peasant Blouse Refashion Tutorial for instance!)

Lotta shows off lovely sewing at fnurr and lovely pictures and inspiration on decorating at solrum.

I had a great three-days-read when I found this blog. I absolutely adore it! Johanna is a freelance designer and a true inspiration.

And finally, a bog I tripped over a few days ago; Doredoris.

I hope you get inspired!

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luvinthemommyhood said...

Thanks so much for the link luv!!! That's so sweet of you! Thanks for being part of the mommyhood :)