Tuesday, August 25, 2009

kitchen update

Three of the new surfaces in our kitchen, the white painted old ceiling, the tiled wall and the new wood panel on the first of two walls. My parents helped out for two days and swoosch it says and all of a sudden things happen in the remaking of the kitchen. Me and Petter have been away a lot so the process has been prolonged, but we do see the end of it, much thanks to our wonderful and skilled parents. My mum cleared out the garden and the front yard from weeds, much appreciated! And wee E really enjoys the company of both grand parent pairs when they are helping us.

Even though I do not have the strength to do much, I really do feel like an elephant due to my state of beeing (5 more weeks to go before expected date of birth!!!), I did get to paint the wall panel the other day. The weather has been very good to us, so we are able to work outdoors which is really good. We are getting there!

I did my last gig last Saturday (as a wedding singer at a wonderful wedding) and was a bit sad to realize I wont be performing in a while. Other things will keep me busy, like trying to keep up with the pace of diaper changing on two kids... :) But foremost getting to know our new family member and being the mother of two. Wow!


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har på känn att det kommer bli tjusigt!