Wednesday, August 5, 2009

a bit under the weather

We had a great stay at the Family Camp. The women singing in my Choir Workshop were wonderful and gave their all, which made me glow as a leader. E had a good time making new friends, running free (he ran out of my sight for the first time, some exciting minutes before I finally found him...) and spending time with his fammo and faffa (grandparents).

Me and P caught the magafari, stomach flu, while being at the camp. We were not the only ones, with over 800 participants the odds of some kind of flu wild fire is quite high. P caught it first and I got it on our way home. So I have been under for a few days, resting my tired body and soul from the choir work (I can slow down with a good concience now, being 8 months pregnant and all:) and the stomach flu. I have also been angry for not having the strength to do things I want to, like tidying the house while kitchen being remade, unpack our clothes from the camp, being a patient mother to my young one, and so on.

But today my strength returned. Me and E walked to the grocery store, had a good lunch. I cleaned the house and had my good friend K, who I do not see often cause she lives in Sweden, over for coffee. I feel good and have done good today! I bought myself a magazine and received a birthday gift from K, made me happy!

Tea and sweets are always good presents to me! (The marmalade sweets of sea-buckthorn is made by my good friend pianist R's parents!)

And what a sweet tea! Marzipan, almond and catsfoot. Looking forward to tasting it!

Have you had a good day?


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akalija said...


I dag har jag fyndat Prismas Korsordslexikon för 5 € på Gros Bokhandel! Jag bara älskar ord och synonymer!